Little Mermaid

Русалочка Дании

For over 95 years a Little Mermaid is a symbol of Denmark's. It is a cute character of the world famous fairy tale written by the famous Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. The Little Mermaid is a small bronze figure with a height of 125cm and a weight of 175kg and is located in Copenhagen harbor on a granite pedestal.

The history of this fantastic character known to all. Little Mermaid, who lives in a world of water, once in a shipwreck rescues a handsome prince. She falls in love with him, so much so that it no longer can be in his own world and live their lives. And she decides to seek a help of a witch. She gives out her a beautiful voice and a mermaid tail instead a couple of feet and the ability to be a few days with her prince on land. So, she takes a chance to charm him. However, he falls in love with another, and thus Little Mermaid dooms to failure. She has a chance to get their lives back, but it should to kill his lover. But the little mermaid, loving prince, wishes him luck with his fiancee and turns into sea foam.

This sad tale of true devotion and pure love was written by Anderson in 1836. After '73 on "The Little Mermaid" was put a ballet, which conceived the huge success with thousands of spectators. Among them was the founder of Carlsberg Carl Jacobsen. He was a great admirer of art. He asked Edward Erickson, a Danish sculptor to make a statue of mermaid. Subsequently, it was decided to send a statue of the Little Mermaid Copenhagen. And August 23, 1913 small bronze mermaid was installed in the capital of Denmark.

Hallmark: Plated ...

  • Material: Silver-plated
  • Length, mm: 110
  • Weight, g.: 25
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